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Hot Air Balloon Card


I thought a hot air balloon would be a good choice for a farewell card. I’m not sure why; I’m sure most people don’t think of hot air balloons as a means of travel for people who are moving away or leaving a job. Perhaps a moving truck would have been a more appropriate choice for a card like this, but I think I like the balloon idea better.


I based the design on a card I saw on Pinterest. I used a three layers for the balloon (and one for the basket). Repeating the pink layer on top gives the balloon quite a bit of depth. I like how it turned out, making the balloon look a little more three-dimensional. Using the fancy paper with the golden accents made the balloon look a little less cartoony, I believe. The clouds are made from some fibrous semi-translucent paper, which allows the background to come through a little bit.


Kitty and Balloons


My cousin has a very cute baby. Her first birthday party was a picnic at the park this summer, and I wanted to make her a very cute card.

A cat hanging from balloons on the front of the birthday card

For the card, I wanted to have a happy animal holding some balloons. I decided that cats are always cute, so I chose a kitty cat holding so many balloons that he’s being pulled up into the clouds! First, to get an idea of what I wanted to do, I made a sketch with my drawing tablet:

A sketch of the cat

It turned out pretty cute. I imported my sketch into Silhouette Studio, the software for my die-cutting machine. I then traced the kitty, making shapes for his head, body, limbs, and tail. Making each of these a distinct shape allowed me to more easily shift and rotate them before combining them. Also, I scaled up the size of the kitty’s head, because cute baby things have big heads.

Cat vector graphic from Silhouette Studio

Yes! Very cute. The head is a separate shape from the rest of the body because it might otherwise look like he has no neck. The whiskers are done with simple cuts across the face. This worked but it wound up not standing out as much as I was hoping it would. Getting the shape of the eyes was easy—they are each the intersection of two circles, like the center piece of a Venn diagram.

I finally added the background. The clouds are just a bunch of perfect circles combined together. The handwriting on the card is my own: I wrote in cursive on the drawing tablet and then had Silhoutte Studio create shapes from it. I glued dental floss onto the card for balloons’ strings, giving the card a nice minty scent.

Inside of card with lots of balloons

Finally, dozens more balloons inside the card! I loved that I was able to tie the front and the inside of the card together thematically. I should keep this sort of thing in mind with future cards.