Baby Sleeping Sign


I went to my cousin’s condo once and greeted everyone by saying hi. In return, I was told to be quieter: the baby was sleeping. This was apparently not the only time for this to happen while my cousin’s daughter was napping, so my cousin asked me to make a sign for her to hang on a hook on her front door to warn visitors of nap time.

Baby Sleeping Sign with Two Ducks

Her request was very open-ended. I thought about making the sign say “Shhh… Baby Napping” but my cousin is expecting a second baby this fall, and I figured she might want to use the sign when both babies are sleeping. So I went with “Shhh… Nap Time” instead.

The letters are cut out from blue cardstock, allowing a shimmery yellow cardstock to be seen through the holes. In addition, the sign needed a cute little animal sleeping, and I know my cousin’s daughter likes duckies, so I cut out a little sleeping duck and glued it on.

As she is pregnant with a baby boy, I also cut out a blue duck for her. The blue duck is currently not glued onto the sign. She can glue it on herself after the baby is born.


Butterfly Picture Frame Card


Andrew made this card for a coworker.

Butterfly Frame Card

The front of the card has a panel with a large hole in it, behind which Andrew can slide or glue in a photo. The panel was embossed in our Sizzix Big Kick embossing machine. Andrew punched five butterflies out of some beautiful paper from India; he really loves using his butterfly punch. The butterflies are held on with brads.

As it was the last day at the company for Andrew’s coworker, Andrew decided it would be nice to print a collage of his coworkers’ faces to slide into the card.

Stamped Flowers Card


For his mom’s birthday, Andrew made this pretty card.

Flowery Stamp Card

He bought a pretty flower stamp and used a variety of colors for an emanation of a pretty bouquet. He used orange because he likes orange, and the pink and purple went along with it. His stamp came with other corresponding stamps for the inner parts of the flowers (instead of just the colorful petals) but Andrew was afraid that adding more stamps on top of the flowers would muddy the card or make it darker.

Making Homemade Paper


In the weeks leading up to Christmas last year, I was browsing through my local Bartell Drugs store. At the front of the store, they had some shelves with some novel Christmas gift ideas. On this shelf were some boxes of paper recycling kits! I’d seen these in the past, but never before did I really have a use for homemade paper until Andrew and I got into making handmade cards. Knowing that handmade paper might add an even more personal touch to our cards, I bought the kit for Andrew to open on Christmas. It wasn’t until after New Year’s that we actually dug in and made paper.

Scraps of Paper

We began by tearing paper to shreds. The kit came with a bunch of white tissue paper. We also dug through our scrap baggies and pulled out some reds, oranges, green, and pinks, cutting them up into little pieces. We were imagining primarily white paper with little specs of color here and there.


Next came out the blender. This was a brand new blender and we used it to mix the paper with water and blend it literally into a pulp. Read the rest of this entry

“Please Remove Your Shoes” Sign


In an effort to prevent guests from tracking dirt, mud, grass, sewage, and other debris onto the floor of Andrew’s and my newly purchased home, I made a sign advising our guests to please remove their shoes. It says, “Please Remove Your Shoes.”

Please Remove Your Shoes Sign

I purchased a picture frame from Fred Meyer. I didn’t want the sign to be too large or overbearing, so I got a 3.5″×5″ frame, one of the smallest frames I could find. (I also considered the 5″×5″ frame, which oddly advertised that it can stand vertically or horizontally.)

Black and Clear Signs on Vellum

I cut the letters out of a sheet of black cardstock with my die cutter, arranging it to fit within the picture frame. I lined up the sheet from which I cut out the letters on top of an identically sized sheet of vellum. Then, using the holes in that black cardstock like a stencil, I was able to re-position the letters correctly as I glued them one-by-one onto the vellum. After doing this, I was able to lift off the black cardstock, leaving just the letters behind, leaving me with the sign you see above to the right. I then took that black sheet of cardstock and glued it onto another sheet of vellum, in case I want a darker “background”.

White on Black "Please Remove Your Shoes" Sign

I’m pleased with my decision to use vellum. As it is mostly transparent, it means I can make the sign whatever color or design I choose simply by changing the paper behind it. This will allow me to change the sign to match the occasion. If I’m having a bunch of people over for a Halloween party, I could change the background to candy corn, spider webs, or an eerie full moon. I could even put a photo behind it if I wanted to show off my smiling face. Below is the sign with three backgrounds: butterflies, flowers, and ocean waves.

Mother’s Day Flower Card


The onset of spring and the increasingly sunny weather must be having an effect on Andrew and me, and the cards we make, because this marks the third post in a row dealing with flower-themed cards. With Mother’s Day approaching, Andrew and I knew we’d have to make some cards. Flowery cards.

Mother's Day Card

I first folded the card and cut a smaller panel which would eventually be glued onto the front. I embossed the panel and punched the corners (though I forgot to do this for some of the cards!). Using the floral designs I downloaded from Silhouette Studio—the ones I used in the previous post for the Cascading Card—I cut out some pretty flowers onto shimmery cardstock.

The flower pieces were held together with a brad. The brad also held the flower onto the panel. I spread out the two tines of the brad more than 180° so that they actually pushed back into the panel, preventing the flower from laying flat onto the paper, forcing it to stick out a bit more from the card. Only after I attached the flower to the panel did I glue it onto the base card, so that the brad’s tines wouldn’t show on the inside of the card. (This has been an issue with the Butterfly Cards we make.)

Pink Card with White Flower

I had to make one for my grandma, too. She loves the cards we make. I made her a 3-D Roses Card for her birthday a few months ago, and she has been searching for a shadow box to display it in. I have called my grandma Nini my entire life—it’s funny how of all the baby words we come up with, it’s the ones for our grandparents that tend to stick over the course of our lives, ultimately replacing their names—and so I had to put that on the front of the card. I thank her inside for being my Nini.

I’m really pleased with the color combos I used for my grandma’s card. I think the pink and purple complement each other well, and the green leaves are just the right shade.

Triple Flower Mother's Day Card

Andrew made his mom a Mother’s Day card that has three flowers! His mom thought he made it the day of Mother’s Day, but she was shocked to learn that it had been made two days earlier.

Collection of Mother's Day Cards

I brought in the cards above on the Friday before Mother’s Day for my coworkers to give to their mothers. One of my coworkers said his mom really liked the card he gave her. Yay!

I’m enjoying making cards with more dimension. Flat cards are nice, but it’s fun when they spring up from the card!

Flowery Cascading Card


My mom just celebrated her fiftieth birthday this past weekend. For such a great milestone, I wanted to make her a lovely, elegant card. A few months ago, I picked up the Spring 2013 issue of CardMaker magazine because I was impressed with the Cascading Birthday Card they had featured on the front cover. I decided to save this design for someone special.

Cascading Card for 50th Birthday

It is a sort of pop-up card which is actually pretty straightforward in design. I cut out two shapes which are essentially right rhombuses. I used a bone folder on all of the creases, and cut slits where the two rhombuses would “interweave”.

I had the Silhouette Cameo cut out a 50 from gold, glittery paper and glued that to the front. I knew that I wanted to make flowers to tuck into the card, but I was running out of time the night before the big party we were throwing her, so I decided to have the Silhouette cut those out as well. I found some really cute designs for 3-D flowers that required a little layering. I held the layers together with brads. The leaves were also cut out by the Silhouette, using a design that came bundled with the software.


The design by CardMaker magazine had a lot of other really cute flourishes, such as a sort of lattice design along the back, on which it would be really pretty to put paper cut out to look like ivy. But I was running low on time for this card. I glued a panel of paper on the back where we could write our sentiments.

The card was compressed into the envelope, but when she pulled it out, it expanded, just like an accordion. Below is a top view of the card which might give a better picture of the card’s shape and where the flowers are attached.


Red is my mom’s favorite color, by far, so I think I went with the right color choice on this card. Also, the flowers follow a sort of “red, white, and blue” theme because my mom loves decorating her house with American flags and other Americana décor. I like to think she will display it in her home, as it matches the theme of her decorating, but something tells me that with the big 50 on the front, this might not happen.