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Baby Sleeping Sign


I went to my cousin’s condo once and greeted everyone by saying hi. In return, I was told to be quieter: the baby was sleeping. This was apparently not the only time for this to happen while my cousin’s daughter was napping, so my cousin asked me to make a sign for her to hang on a hook on her front door to warn visitors of nap time.

Baby Sleeping Sign with Two Ducks

Her request was very open-ended. I thought about making the sign say “Shhh… Baby Napping” but my cousin is expecting a second baby this fall, and I figured she might want to use the sign when both babies are sleeping. So I went with “Shhh… Nap Time” instead.

The letters are cut out from blue cardstock, allowing a shimmery yellow cardstock to be seen through the holes. In addition, the sign needed a cute little animal sleeping, and I know my cousin’s daughter likes duckies, so I cut out a little sleeping duck and glued it on.

As she is pregnant with a baby boy, I also cut out a blue duck for her. The blue duck is currently not glued onto the sign. She can glue it on herself after the baby is born.


“Please Remove Your Shoes” Sign


In an effort to prevent guests from tracking dirt, mud, grass, sewage, and other debris onto the floor of Andrew’s and my newly purchased home, I made a sign advising our guests to please remove their shoes. It says, “Please Remove Your Shoes.”

Please Remove Your Shoes Sign

I purchased a picture frame from Fred Meyer. I didn’t want the sign to be too large or overbearing, so I got a 3.5″×5″ frame, one of the smallest frames I could find. (I also considered the 5″×5″ frame, which oddly advertised that it can stand vertically or horizontally.)

Black and Clear Signs on Vellum

I cut the letters out of a sheet of black cardstock with my die cutter, arranging it to fit within the picture frame. I lined up the sheet from which I cut out the letters on top of an identically sized sheet of vellum. Then, using the holes in that black cardstock like a stencil, I was able to re-position the letters correctly as I glued them one-by-one onto the vellum. After doing this, I was able to lift off the black cardstock, leaving just the letters behind, leaving me with the sign you see above to the right. I then took that black sheet of cardstock and glued it onto another sheet of vellum, in case I want a darker “background”.

White on Black "Please Remove Your Shoes" Sign

I’m pleased with my decision to use vellum. As it is mostly transparent, it means I can make the sign whatever color or design I choose simply by changing the paper behind it. This will allow me to change the sign to match the occasion. If I’m having a bunch of people over for a Halloween party, I could change the background to candy corn, spider webs, or an eerie full moon. I could even put a photo behind it if I wanted to show off my smiling face. Below is the sign with three backgrounds: butterflies, flowers, and ocean waves.

Butterfly Mobile


For the baby shower that Brandon blogged about a few posts ago, I also created a butterfly mobile to gift to the expectant mother. We saw this beautiful mobile on Pinterest and I wanted to re-create it.

Butterfly Mobile

So we set out to gather materials. We already had a great butterfly punch that we use quite often. We went to Jo-Ann for over an hour to find everything needed for the mobile. I got a metal ring that was about a foot in diameter, a white feathered boa to wrap around it, two types of paper (white iridescent cardstock, and white paper with gold and silver flakes) from which to punch out butterflies, and clear thread to hang the butterflies with.

Butterfly Placement DiagramI wanted a white halo on top, so I wrapped the feathered boa around the metal ring, and then tied the ends of the feathered boa together where they met. I then created a criss-cross of the clear thread across the halo from which to hang the butterflies. Please see the figure to the right. I tied string to each of the points as illustrated by the dots in the picture. The outer edges of the mobile had strings dropping down that were shorter than the inner-most string, which was longest, at about three feet in length.

I then punched out 60 butterflies from the iridescent paper, and 60 from the white paper with gold and silver flakes. I found that the paper with the gold and silver flakes tended to tear when I tried to punch butterflies out from it, but I found that by putting the iridescent cardstock on top, the butterfly punch was able to punch through both without any tears.

Butterfly Mobile Close-up

I then used glue dots to stick one iridescent butterfly and one gold-and-silver-speckled butterfly onto the string, and I put four of them on the string for the outermost, then five for the inner-most string. I also staggered them so that they wouldn’t overlap, and it looked like there was a large group of butterflies. What made this particularly unique was Brandon’s great idea to use clear thread, which made the halo and butterflies look like they were floating in mid-air, giving it a more magical touch.

Butterfly Mobile

We hung it as a centerpiece for the dining table at the baby shower, along with the animals on sticks and pinwheels. The guests liked the mobile a lot, and we gave it to the expectant mother as a gift.

Flower Birthday Banner


After the success of the baby shower we decorated for last weekend, one of the party guests asked if we could do some decorating for her daughter’s birthday party. We unfortunately didn’t have as much time to devote to the birthday party decorations as we did the baby shower decorations, but at least we were able to make a cute banner.

Flower Birthday Banner

This banner is not unlike the onesie baby shower banner we made. It’s essentially the same, except with flowers instead of onesies. It even uses the same font. We used construction paper because I bought a huge stack of it at a garage sale. The flowers are held onto a string with tiny clothespins.

Flower Banner

We sure do use Andrew’s butterfly punch a lot. We used the butterfly between the words “HAPPY” and “BIRTHDAY” as a sort of space. At first, I got out the butterfly punch and thought I would glue little pink butterflies onto the edges a few flowers, but it wound up looking messy. I’m glad I was inspired to glue a red butterfly onto the space; otherwise, it would have been a blank flower, which would have been okay, but the butterfly is cute and matches the theme.

Die Cut Birthday Sign

We saved the extra letters cut out from the flowers so that the mother of the birthday girl could make another sign, if she wanted to. It takes a little while to cut out all of the pieces, but it makes for a very cute design that’s pretty easy to make.

Pinwheels and Animals on Sticks


Andrew’s mom asked us to help her decorate for a baby shower she was hosting. We’ve never decorated for a baby shower before, but we didn’t let that stop us! We spent a half hour on Pinterest looking for inspiration before creating several decorations for this party. Our specialty is in paper crafts, so all of our decorations were made from paper.

Baby Shower Sign of Paper Onesies

The first thing we felt we had to do was make a banner for the baby girl. We learned that her name would be Rory, which is kinda short, so we made the banner say “BABY RORY”. Each onesie is made from two sheets of construction paper: a brown layer and a pink layer with a letter-shaped hole in it. This was very simple but looks fantastic.

The idea is that it’s supposed to be little onesies hanging on a clothesline, so it only makes sense to hang them from the yarn with clothespins! I borrowed eighteen clothespins from my mom to use on the banner, but then Andrew’s mom said we might want to give the banner to the expectant mother, so we’d need to go out and buy clothespins that we could give her. While we were shopping at Michaels, Andrew’s mom found the cutest little clothespins, not even an inch long. They were perfect for the banner!

Onesie Baby Shower Banner

I love my die-cutter for making it a cinch to cut out letters. Results are disastrous when you try to cut letters out by hand. For a banner like this, it’s much easier to cut the letter out from the front layer and let the background color come through. The alternative would be to cut the letter out separately and glue it on, trying to keep it centered. Plus, there’s a bonus from cutting out the letters like this, which I’ll explain further down in the post.

Monkey, Tiger, and Pinwheel

In addition to the banner, we created pinwheels and little animals on sticks. They couldn’t have turned out cuter.

Animals on Sticks

In the picture above, we have the animals on sticks! The design was inspired by something I saw in the Silhouette Studio store. I think what makes these so cute is the big heads, the simple faces, and the passive and restful poses. What I really like about these animals is that they’re made with two colors of paper, one of which is always white. I want to point out that the orange animal is a tiger and the yellow one is a kitty.

Each animal has practically the same design, with the main difference being the ears and facial features. The monkey has a tail, but besides that, they all have the same body. The penguin’s design is most different. After I made the first eight, Andrew insisted there be a penguin. It is made of three colors because it has an orange beak and orange webbed feet.

Which is your favorite? Mine is the puppy with the adorable face.

Monogrammed Pinwheels

In addition to the animals on sticks, I made pinwheels, because pinwheels are fun. I bought some double-sided prints at Jo-Ann. I have to say, I was disappointed by how few options they had for double-sided prints; I might have had more variety in the pinwheels if I could have found more prints.

Pinwheels are amazingly easy to make. You take a square of paper and cut in from each of the four corners, about two-thirds of the way to the center. Then, you take a flap from each of the corners and tack them through the middle into the dowel. (Silhouette Studio comes with a pinwheel design, which made these no trouble to make.)

Monogrammed Pinwheel

I monogrammed the pinwheels with Baby Rory’s initial. I glued a nickel-sized circle of white paper to the tack holding the pinwheel onto the dowel and glued the lower-case R onto that circle. These pinwheels don’t spin freely when you blow onto them, but you can still turn them with your hand. The center, however, doesn’t turn because the tack doesn’t turn, so the initial is always correctly face-up.

The dowels we bought from Jo-Ann were very affordable, but they were also a bit rough. Andrew and I had to sand them a bit to make them smoother for people to handle, especially because we knew that little kids might be at the party.

Letters on Streamers

A neat bonus resulting from how we cut out the letters from the onesies banner was that we had extra letters after finishing the banner. I saved these because I knew we’d be able to reuse them in another sign or banner. So we hung them up on one of the streamers we had hanging up. It was great that we were able to make another nice, personalized banner from what would otherwise be wasted paper.

Pinwheels in a Basket

I’m thrilled with how the decorations for this party turned out. It took us over a full day to make the decorations, but I think they were adorable touches for the party. I didn’t hang around for the baby shower, but Andrew’s mom reported that the guests oohed and aahed at our decorations. One of the mothers at the party enjoyed the decorations so much that she requested our services for her daughter’s birthday party the following weekend. We made her a banner which I’ll write up in a future post.

The pinwheels and animals on sticks made for good accents to put all over the party. Andrew’s mom stuck some pinwheels in one of the gift baskets for the expectant mother, which was fun and tied things together nicely. I’m glad to know that Andrew and I can successfully decorate for parties. I’m hoping to get to write about decorating more often in this blog.