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Ribbon and Flowers


For Valentine’s Day, I found a card I liked on Pinterest and I copied it.

Little Heart Flowers

I made the ribbon into a bow instead of a flat ribbon.

I used a heart puncher to get a bunch of little hearts. Then, I arranged the hearts so they looked good, drew the stems, and attached each heart with glue. Then I drew in the leaves.


Glittery Heart Card


It’s Valentine’s Day weekend! I made Andrew this card.

Big Heart Valentine's Day Card

For the heart, I printed a heart shape onto ordinary printer paper, transferred it onto the back of very glittery red cardstock using carbon paper, and then cut it out. I really like this super glittery paper.

The pink cardstock behind is shimmery. I used a “lace” corner puncher on the corners; I tend to have really bad luck with these things because it often feels like the paper is shoved all the way into the corner puncher, but then after I punch, I find that I’ve missed. I’ve taken to holding the corner punchers upside-down so that I can see where it will punch before I punch it. Then I embossed the pink cardstock.

Card Embossed with Stripes

I also embossed the red cardstock which makes the base of the card. The picture above shows the inside of the card. Andrew thought it was cool how the pattern seems to “flip” over the fold; it came out that way because I embossed it while the card was folded closed. I think it yielded a cool effect, preventing the card from feeling flat, and it gave it a texture that feels good to hold. I think I’ll try embossing the base cardstock like this a little more often.

Valentine’s Shutter Card


It was the day after Valentine’s Day, the day Brandon and I celebrated Valentine’s Day because I taught piano on Valentine’s Day, and I still had not yet made him a card. I was experiencing emotional devastation that Brandon had probably spent so many hours making a card for me and it was inevitably going to be better than mine. I needed something that would be quick but would still be sufficiently good compared to what he was making for me. For weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’d been browsing all these different sites, from Pinterest to the Better Homes and Gardens site, for hours on end, every day, looking for ideas. I talked to my coworker, Jen, concerning what she’d made her husband, and she told me she made him an expanding Valentine’s Day card.

So, I started making prototypes of shutter cards out of scrap paper. It took me a few tries before I had a functioning prototype. The day before we would meet, I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics, and I bought all sorts of papers because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to make yet. Now I have lots and lots of Valentine-themed paper. I was initially going to make something with kitty cats poking out of the corners, like the owls on the original card I was copying, but I decided I wanted to make it a little bit more elegant.

Expanded Valentine's Day Shutter Card

Also, I decided to use glue and make glue hearts. I used Elmer’s glue and I found a nonporous anti-stick surface that I proceeded to draw hearts onto out of glue. (A nonstick silicone baking mat or wax paper would do.) I then sprinkled hibiscus petals on top. These usually take one to two days to dry. Once they were dry, I carefully peeled them off the nonstick surface. The hibiscus petals bled into the glue, giving it an elegant red coloring. I should mention that I made these hearts before I even knew what I really wanted to do for the card. I just knew that I might want to incorporate them in some way.

So I started assembling the card, when I discovered the red hearts were a little too dark, so I didn’t use as many of them as I originally planned. But I still had some extra space. So to fill that space, I decided to make a string of hearts. I took out my trusty Swiss Army knife and I drilled holes into the hearts. I strung them and hung them up.

Valentine's Day Shutter Card

I knew Brandon might suspect that I was coming home early to finish the card, and he might swing by early just to see, because his gym is right near my house. So I parked my car inside the garage so that he wouldn’t be able to see it from the street. So then I had to park my car outside 10 minutes before he arrived, and I was afraid he might see me doing this because he might arrive early. It turns out he arrived right on time and hadn’t even gone to the gym that day anyway.

Make the card 12 inches wide by 5 inches tall. Mark the card at 2 inches, 4 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches, and proceed to fold it vertically at those marks, as you see in the diagram below (solid lines are cuts and dashed lines are folds). All of the folds should line up on the card, but they’ll alternate in direction. Make two cuts horizontally from the 2-inch to the 10-inch folds; make sure these cuts are 1.5 inches in from the long edges of the card.

Shutter Card Diagram

I learned that this card is best suited for a die-cutter that can cut perfectly, as well as a bone folder that can fold perfectly. I made this card by hand, so it doesn’t open quite perfectly, and it doesn’t look perfect either. But at least it’s handmade (and it shows). Not only that, but I finished literally seconds before Brandon rang my doorbell.

Love Elephants


For Valentine’s Day, I decided to make Andrew a cute little card done in a similar style as the Fishy Love card he made me for our anniversary. Andrew seems to like elephants—he has a herd of a dozen hand-carved elephants from Africa—so I picked elephants for his card.

Love Elephants Card

Now, it’s not a completely original idea, as it’s been done many times before, but the elephants on this card are kissing, and their trunks are entwined to form the shape of a heart.

Andrew used fancy, elegant, handmade paper from India for his Fishy Love card, and I sought to use similarly fancy paper, but all I had was some cardstock in a stack called the Old World Stack, and I think it turned out pretty neat. I hope it makes the card seem a little less cartoony. Like the fish on the Fishy Love card, the elephants on this card have googly eyes, which adds a little more whimsy to the card, if not making it a little more cartoony…

Love Elephants Silhouette Sketch

Above is the first draft of the card I made in Silhouette Studio. I revised the trunks to be simply kissing instead of overlapping at the end. I showed my draft to my cousin, and he suggested I give them tails. But I was having trouble figuring out how to add tails to the elephants without making them look weird. So I wound up giving them little tails. My cousin still thought they were still too small on the final card, and he sent me several photos of elephants to show me how long their tails are, but I think it turned out cute.

Nine Hearts


This card features an array of hearts enclosed within squares with bubbly edges. Andrew and I had a difficult time deciding what kind of paper to use for each heart—we thought about having the hearts in the four corners be a different color—but we decided to have them all be the same.

Andrew and I made this as an anniversary card for my aunt and uncle. We used my die-cutter to design and cut out the shapes. The pink background and the pink heart in the center are extra sparkly paper.

“U and I” Valentine’s Card


When I was making Andrew a Valentine’s Day card last year, I thought back on the “No L” Christmas Card I had made for him less than two months before. I don’t remember how it happened, but I had a brilliant flash of an idea to use the same design but to make some changes to make it a Valentine’s Day card.

A Valentine's Day card with the alphabet on it. U and I are together in a heart in the center.

Like the “No L” card, this card is made up of woven strips of paper, with alphabet stickers on each of the squares. However, the letters U and I are pulled out of their regular positions in the alphabet and stuck onto a glittery, shimmery heart in the center.


The inside of the card makes the pun more explicit. “I love it when U and I are together.” It took a very long time for me to stick all of those stickers.

Fishy Love


It was Brandon’s and my anniversary this past September. I combed Pinterest for ideas on what kind of card to make him. I finally found two adorable fishies kissing each other.

I was looking through all the paper I have and I found paper that looked like it had bubbles, and I thought, this is fantastic for the water! Then, I decided I wanted the fishes to have scales, so I searched for paper that contrasted each other and the background, that had scale patterns, and settled on orange and yellow. The paper I used was handmade in India. I like handcrafted things.

Cutting the hearts was probably the hardest part, since I don’t have a heart punch. I added googly eyes because I know Brandon loves them.

If I could make it over again, I would not use liquid glue, because it made the paper curl. I would probably also stamp the bubbles using sparkly paint. I didn’t like the criss-cross pattern that was on the paper I used for the background. Furthermore, I would have tried to cut the paper in a way that the existing patterns on the paper would express the outlines of fish. For instance, I would have preferred that the yellow paper have the eye centered right in the middle of the square pattern on the paper. As it is, it’s offset. Also, I forgot the pectoral fins.

Also, I wouldn’t have waited until the last minute, hiding in my room while Brandon stood outside as I finished the card. In fact, I actually started it only after he rang the doorbell.