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Flowery Card


I wanted to make a flowery card for Brandon’s birthday so I used die cuts to cut Indian paper.

Three Flowers Card

It was the kind of die cutter that was rolled through our Sizzix embossing machine, cutting the paper as it was squeezed through.

I decided to make their stems be lines that follows the background. The background is pink and was rolled through a die plate that has straight lines, and the stems fit right between the gaps, which is hard to see in the picture.


Stamped Flowers Card


For his mom’s birthday, Andrew made this pretty card.

Flowery Stamp Card

He bought a pretty flower stamp and used a variety of colors for an emanation of a pretty bouquet. He used orange because he likes orange, and the pink and purple went along with it. His stamp came with other corresponding stamps for the inner parts of the flowers (instead of just the colorful petals) but Andrew was afraid that adding more stamps on top of the flowers would muddy the card or make it darker.

Flowery Cascading Card


My mom just celebrated her fiftieth birthday this past weekend. For such a great milestone, I wanted to make her a lovely, elegant card. A few months ago, I picked up the Spring 2013 issue of CardMaker magazine because I was impressed with the Cascading Birthday Card they had featured on the front cover. I decided to save this design for someone special.

Cascading Card for 50th Birthday

It is a sort of pop-up card which is actually pretty straightforward in design. I cut out two shapes which are essentially right rhombuses. I used a bone folder on all of the creases, and cut slits where the two rhombuses would “interweave”.

I had the Silhouette Cameo cut out a 50 from gold, glittery paper and glued that to the front. I knew that I wanted to make flowers to tuck into the card, but I was running out of time the night before the big party we were throwing her, so I decided to have the Silhouette cut those out as well. I found some really cute designs for 3-D flowers that required a little layering. I held the layers together with brads. The leaves were also cut out by the Silhouette, using a design that came bundled with the software.


The design by CardMaker magazine had a lot of other really cute flourishes, such as a sort of lattice design along the back, on which it would be really pretty to put paper cut out to look like ivy. But I was running low on time for this card. I glued a panel of paper on the back where we could write our sentiments.

The card was compressed into the envelope, but when she pulled it out, it expanded, just like an accordion. Below is a top view of the card which might give a better picture of the card’s shape and where the flowers are attached.


Red is my mom’s favorite color, by far, so I think I went with the right color choice on this card. Also, the flowers follow a sort of “red, white, and blue” theme because my mom loves decorating her house with American flags and other Americana décor. I like to think she will display it in her home, as it matches the theme of her decorating, but something tells me that with the big 50 on the front, this might not happen.

Flowery Shutter Card


After Andrew made me an expanding shutter card for Valentine’s Day, which he cut out by hand, we created a few shutter cards with my die-cutter as a sort of experiment. After that, I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a shutter card for somebody’s birthday. It happens that my cousin celebrated her birthday this past month, so I made her a card for her birthday.

Flower Shutter Card

You can view Andrew’s post, linked above, to see how such a card is made. It’s actually pretty straightforward. I had the die cutter cut out all of the pieces, then I used my bone folder to make the creases. I used the Old World Stack of paper to make this card, which I think has a subdued but colorful selection of paper.

Flowery Shutter Card

I used a dab of glue in the center of a little butterfly on the right hand side, lifting its wings gently to give it a little dimension. However, as elegant as the design was, I felt that the card looked a little bare still. Reserving the center panel for our sentiments, I stuck on a few little flowers that I punched out with our daisy punch tool. After five or six flowers, I realized I would need many more flowers to keep it from looking bare, so I decided to add 32 flowers, since my cousin was turning 32. It’s fun to throw in little subtle references to the recipient’s age.

“One” Cupcake Card


Last weekend, we celebrated the first birthday of my cousin’s one-year-old daughter. The inspiration comes from this card by Better Homes and Gardens. What I liked particularly about this card is that ink was used to embellish the edges of the candles, cakes, letters, and shapes.

Cupcake with Candle Car

I tried inking the outlines of the letters, sometimes double- or even triple-stroking the edges of the letters. I then cut them out by hand. I think that I should have been more consistent with the edges I drew, and I’m not totally satisfied with how it turned out.

For the cupcake, we used a paper crimper for the cupcake wrapper. I did this once before for the Crimped Cupcake Card I made my sister. Into the cupcake, I stuck a candle, the same kind I used for Andrew’s birthday card. The cardstock we used for the frosting was kinda plain looking, so we cut out and glued on some sprinkles.

Using sticky foam pop-up pads, I stuck the O, N, and E to the shimmery white cardstock behind it, then I stuck that to the base of the card with more sticky foam pop-up pads.

In the end, my attempt to replicate the card that was my inspiration fell short. I didn’t wind up outlining the shapes as I intended, leaving most of the card looking relatively flat compared to the emphatic “ONE” at the bottom. I’m pleased with the choices of colors, but I would have liked to have given the card more visual texture.

Tilted Glittery Cake


For my cousin’s birthday, Andrew and I made this birthday card. Andrew wanted to make something with a lot of razzle-dazzle.

Glittery Tilted Cake

The white base of the card, some glittery cardstock, was run through the embossing machine to give a faint polka-dotted background. Then, using mega-glittery cardstock, we cut out the cake, using some cloud-edged scissors for the bottom edge of the blue frosting.

The candle shape is a bit abstract. Instead of cutting a flame, we went with some sort of quadrilateral. I think it reflects the overall boxy shape of the cake.

Kitties in Birthday Presents


Andrew and I really like to make cards with cats on them. I think it’s because we both like kitty cats. Here are a few cards we made which are based heavily on the Kitty Cat in Stocking Cards we made for Christmas.

Kitty Cats in Presents Cards

Kitty cats wearing party hats are sticking their heads out of gift boxes. The pompoms on the tops of the hats were made with a daisy flower paper punch. We actually made ten of these cards, using various combinations of paper colors.