Dear Reader,

Welcome to Cardsies!

My name is Brandon Dilbeck, and my husband Andrew Barker and I like to create cards. It began when we had been dating for only a few months, in 2010, when Andrew and I decided to mass produce a bunch of cards to give friends and family for Christmas. After the fun we had spending evenings planning the design of the cards, purchasing a lot of paper from the Jo-Ann craft store, and finally cutting and gluing, the hobby stuck with us and now we love making cards. We sometimes spend more time, money, and effort on the cards themselves than the gifts they accompany.

I’ve had a few people tell me I should create a blog to show off some of the cards we’ve made, so here it is! I hope to use this blog to share cards ideas we’ve developed, illustrate the steps we take in making the cards, and get feedback from the crafting community. We make cards whenever they’re needed (or whenever we feel like trying something new), so there might not be a regular publishing schedule. And our crafting isn’t restricted purely to cards, so we’ll post other projects on occasion.

The blog name “Cardsies!” pokes fun at Andrew’s habit of adding “-ies” to the names of things when he is excited. We were driving some time ago and we were impressed by a view of some beautiful trees. Andrew was so impressed, he exclaimed, “Treesies!” I don’t recall him ever saying, “Cardsies,” though.

Thank you for reading our blog.

Brandon Dilbeck


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  1. Hey Brandon!!

    I’m so glad, I dropped by!!
    What an idea & what a passion -card making 🙂 2 Awesome..Absolutely love it..
    I was actually blog hopping DIY blogs as I wanted to make a card for a lil friend ,1-yr old 🙂

    2 many ideas out here..
    Thanks for creating this page!! Keep posting as I’m happily following you’ll

    Shraddha (From India)

    • Thanks! I appreciate your feedback, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! Things have been a little slow lately due to the lack of holidays, birthdays, and other events for which to make cards, but I promise I’ll post about a new card soon! My cousin’s daughter is celebrating her second birthday this coming week, and I’m not quite sure yet what kind of card I’ll make. Perhaps I’ll take some inspiration from you, though, and make her a princess card. We’ll see!

      • Hey Brandon..

        I created my card !!!!!
        taking lotsa inspiration from ur creations..I created a shutter card & used the cute cup cake on one of the small corners…
        Am so happy with it 🙂 Doesn’t look classy and pro like urs, but none the less..
        I’m so happy I found ‘cardsies’..thanks so much..
        Keep posting cuz am crazily following u guys..Keep up the gr8 work 🙂


  2. You totally don’t know me, but I actually found your blog on account of some signs and banners you made for some birthday parties/baby showers. You have real talent, and I’ll be incorporating a lot of your ideas when (if) I have my own baby shower in the future. Thanks, Brandon.

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