Glittery Heart Card


It’s Valentine’s Day weekend! I made Andrew this card.

Big Heart Valentine's Day Card

For the heart, I printed a heart shape onto ordinary printer paper, transferred it onto the back of very glittery red cardstock using carbon paper, and then cut it out. I really like this super glittery paper.

The pink cardstock behind is shimmery. I used a “lace” corner puncher on the corners; I tend to have really bad luck with these things because it often feels like the paper is shoved all the way into the corner puncher, but then after I punch, I find that I’ve missed. I’ve taken to holding the corner punchers upside-down so that I can see where it will punch before I punch it. Then I embossed the pink cardstock.

Card Embossed with Stripes

I also embossed the red cardstock which makes the base of the card. The picture above shows the inside of the card. Andrew thought it was cool how the pattern seems to “flip” over the fold; it came out that way because I embossed it while the card was folded closed. I think it yielded a cool effect, preventing the card from feeling flat, and it gave it a texture that feels good to hold. I think I’ll try embossing the base cardstock like this a little more often.


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