Embossed & Sanded Butterfly Card


I had to make a card for a coworker’s birthday, and I decided I wanted to make something that was blue and gold. I really like those colors together; I think they match really well. I also like butterflies, so I wanted to combine those two themes together.

Embossed and Sanded Butterfly Card

I was flipping through one of our special cardstock stacks and I saw that we had a sheet of blue cardstock with shiny silver polka-dots. I ran that through our paper embosser; I chose a floral Indian-style print, because I really like Indian designs. After that, it didn’t have quite enough edge to it. It was hard to see the embossed design because of the polka-dots. So I took some sandpaper and sanded over it, exposing the white core inside the paper, to help emphasize the embossed edges. This gave it a nice old-age look; it was kind of a secondary effect that I wasn’t intending, but I liked the rustic Indian style.

Then, I made a gold band, cut it in half, and used our corner puncher to make it curved around the edges. I wanted a butterfly, and I did the same thing with the butterfly: I took gold paper—a different style—and also embossed that with a different embossing pattern, kind of a swirly pattern. I also went over that very lightly with sandpaper. It tied it together with the blue paper it was going to sit on.

Embossed, Sanded Butterfly Card

To affix the butterfly, and to keep with my gold theme, I took a gold star brad and fixed the butterfly on with it. Then, I had to mount this panel onto a base card, because right now, I had only the embossed panel, and you can’t really write on the back of an embossed sheet of paper. I went through our paper stacks and found a lightweight, faint yellow that had little fibers in it, which I liked. It paid homage to a regal Bollywood style with some western influences. It matched the gold band I used in the middle.


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