Baby Sleeping Sign


I went to my cousin’s condo once and greeted everyone by saying hi. In return, I was told to be quieter: the baby was sleeping. This was apparently not the only time for this to happen while my cousin’s daughter was napping, so my cousin asked me to make a sign for her to hang on a hook on her front door to warn visitors of nap time.

Baby Sleeping Sign with Two Ducks

Her request was very open-ended. I thought about making the sign say “Shhh… Baby Napping” but my cousin is expecting a second baby this fall, and I figured she might want to use the sign when both babies are sleeping. So I went with “Shhh… Nap Time” instead.

The letters are cut out from blue cardstock, allowing a shimmery yellow cardstock to be seen through the holes. In addition, the sign needed a cute little animal sleeping, and I know my cousin’s daughter likes duckies, so I cut out a little sleeping duck and glued it on.

As she is pregnant with a baby boy, I also cut out a blue duck for her. The blue duck is currently not glued onto the sign. She can glue it on herself after the baby is born.


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