“Please Remove Your Shoes” Sign


In an effort to prevent guests from tracking dirt, mud, grass, sewage, and other debris onto the floor of Andrew’s and my newly purchased home, I made a sign advising our guests to please remove their shoes. It says, “Please Remove Your Shoes.”

Please Remove Your Shoes Sign

I purchased a picture frame from Fred Meyer. I didn’t want the sign to be too large or overbearing, so I got a 3.5″×5″ frame, one of the smallest frames I could find. (I also considered the 5″×5″ frame, which oddly advertised that it can stand vertically or horizontally.)

Black and Clear Signs on Vellum

I cut the letters out of a sheet of black cardstock with my die cutter, arranging it to fit within the picture frame. I lined up the sheet from which I cut out the letters on top of an identically sized sheet of vellum. Then, using the holes in that black cardstock like a stencil, I was able to re-position the letters correctly as I glued them one-by-one onto the vellum. After doing this, I was able to lift off the black cardstock, leaving just the letters behind, leaving me with the sign you see above to the right. I then took that black sheet of cardstock and glued it onto another sheet of vellum, in case I want a darker “background”.

White on Black "Please Remove Your Shoes" Sign

I’m pleased with my decision to use vellum. As it is mostly transparent, it means I can make the sign whatever color or design I choose simply by changing the paper behind it. This will allow me to change the sign to match the occasion. If I’m having a bunch of people over for a Halloween party, I could change the background to candy corn, spider webs, or an eerie full moon. I could even put a photo behind it if I wanted to show off my smiling face. Below is the sign with three backgrounds: butterflies, flowers, and ocean waves.


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