Mother’s Day Flower Card


The onset of spring and the increasingly sunny weather must be having an effect on Andrew and me, and the cards we make, because this marks the third post in a row dealing with flower-themed cards. With Mother’s Day approaching, Andrew and I knew we’d have to make some cards. Flowery cards.

Mother's Day Card

I first folded the card and cut a smaller panel which would eventually be glued onto the front. I embossed the panel and punched the corners (though I forgot to do this for some of the cards!). Using the floral designs I downloaded from Silhouette Studio—the ones I used in the previous post for the Cascading Card—I cut out some pretty flowers onto shimmery cardstock.

The flower pieces were held together with a brad. The brad also held the flower onto the panel. I spread out the two tines of the brad more than 180° so that they actually pushed back into the panel, preventing the flower from laying flat onto the paper, forcing it to stick out a bit more from the card. Only after I attached the flower to the panel did I glue it onto the base card, so that the brad’s tines wouldn’t show on the inside of the card. (This has been an issue with the Butterfly Cards we make.)

Pink Card with White Flower

I had to make one for my grandma, too. She loves the cards we make. I made her a 3-D Roses Card for her birthday a few months ago, and she has been searching for a shadow box to display it in. I have called my grandma Nini my entire life—it’s funny how of all the baby words we come up with, it’s the ones for our grandparents that tend to stick over the course of our lives, ultimately replacing their names—and so I had to put that on the front of the card. I thank her inside for being my Nini.

I’m really pleased with the color combos I used for my grandma’s card. I think the pink and purple complement each other well, and the green leaves are just the right shade.

Triple Flower Mother's Day Card

Andrew made his mom a Mother’s Day card that has three flowers! His mom thought he made it the day of Mother’s Day, but she was shocked to learn that it had been made two days earlier.

Collection of Mother's Day Cards

I brought in the cards above on the Friday before Mother’s Day for my coworkers to give to their mothers. One of my coworkers said his mom really liked the card he gave her. Yay!

I’m enjoying making cards with more dimension. Flat cards are nice, but it’s fun when they spring up from the card!


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  1. Wow!! You are definitely making the world a better place!! Cards to give your co-workers, so that they can in turn gift it to their moms..

    So thoughtful- 🙂 I am loving this place..
    If you have any ideas for a ‘princess’ card for my lil (soon to turn)1 yr old friend, pls feel free to share..
    I’ve been looking out but can’t find something fitting
    May be you have the answers 🙂


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