Flowery Cascading Card


My mom just celebrated her fiftieth birthday this past weekend. For such a great milestone, I wanted to make her a lovely, elegant card. A few months ago, I picked up the Spring 2013 issue of CardMaker magazine because I was impressed with the Cascading Birthday Card they had featured on the front cover. I decided to save this design for someone special.

Cascading Card for 50th Birthday

It is a sort of pop-up card which is actually pretty straightforward in design. I cut out two shapes which are essentially right rhombuses. I used a bone folder on all of the creases, and cut slits where the two rhombuses would “interweave”.

I had the Silhouette Cameo cut out a 50 from gold, glittery paper and glued that to the front. I knew that I wanted to make flowers to tuck into the card, but I was running out of time the night before the big party we were throwing her, so I decided to have the Silhouette cut those out as well. I found some really cute designs for 3-D flowers that required a little layering. I held the layers together with brads. The leaves were also cut out by the Silhouette, using a design that came bundled with the software.


The design by CardMaker magazine had a lot of other really cute flourishes, such as a sort of lattice design along the back, on which it would be really pretty to put paper cut out to look like ivy. But I was running low on time for this card. I glued a panel of paper on the back where we could write our sentiments.

The card was compressed into the envelope, but when she pulled it out, it expanded, just like an accordion. Below is a top view of the card which might give a better picture of the card’s shape and where the flowers are attached.


Red is my mom’s favorite color, by far, so I think I went with the right color choice on this card. Also, the flowers follow a sort of “red, white, and blue” theme because my mom loves decorating her house with American flags and other Americana décor. I like to think she will display it in her home, as it matches the theme of her decorating, but something tells me that with the big 50 on the front, this might not happen.


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