Flowery Shutter Card


After Andrew made me an expanding shutter card for Valentine’s Day, which he cut out by hand, we created a few shutter cards with my die-cutter as a sort of experiment. After that, I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a shutter card for somebody’s birthday. It happens that my cousin celebrated her birthday this past month, so I made her a card for her birthday.

Flower Shutter Card

You can view Andrew’s post, linked above, to see how such a card is made. It’s actually pretty straightforward. I had the die cutter cut out all of the pieces, then I used my bone folder to make the creases. I used the Old World Stack of paper to make this card, which I think has a subdued but colorful selection of paper.

Flowery Shutter Card

I used a dab of glue in the center of a little butterfly on the right hand side, lifting its wings gently to give it a little dimension. However, as elegant as the design was, I felt that the card looked a little bare still. Reserving the center panel for our sentiments, I stuck on a few little flowers that I punched out with our daisy punch tool. After five or six flowers, I realized I would need many more flowers to keep it from looking bare, so I decided to add 32 flowers, since my cousin was turning 32. It’s fun to throw in little subtle references to the recipient’s age.


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  1. Reblogged this on Just Conversations! and commented:
    A super surprise – for all the creative souls 🙂 I stumbled upon this very beautiful blogsite yesterday!! Its so beautiful, that it inspired me to create a card for my lil friend who is gonna turn a year old soon 🙂 Hope u guys enjoy 🙂

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