“One” Cupcake Card


Last weekend, we celebrated the first birthday of my cousin’s one-year-old daughter. The inspiration comes from this card by Better Homes and Gardens. What I liked particularly about this card is that ink was used to embellish the edges of the candles, cakes, letters, and shapes.

Cupcake with Candle Car

I tried inking the outlines of the letters, sometimes double- or even triple-stroking the edges of the letters. I then cut them out by hand. I think that I should have been more consistent with the edges I drew, and I’m not totally satisfied with how it turned out.

For the cupcake, we used a paper crimper for the cupcake wrapper. I did this once before for the Crimped Cupcake Card I made my sister. Into the cupcake, I stuck a candle, the same kind I used for Andrew’s birthday card. The cardstock we used for the frosting was kinda plain looking, so we cut out and glued on some sprinkles.

Using sticky foam pop-up pads, I stuck the O, N, and E to the shimmery white cardstock behind it, then I stuck that to the base of the card with more sticky foam pop-up pads.

In the end, my attempt to replicate the card that was my inspiration fell short. I didn’t wind up outlining the shapes as I intended, leaving most of the card looking relatively flat compared to the emphatic “ONE” at the bottom. I’m pleased with the choices of colors, but I would have liked to have given the card more visual texture.


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