Onesie Baby Shower Card


With a coworker of mine about to begin her maternity leave, my coworkers and I discussed what we should get her. The consensus was to get her a gift card; however, one of my coworkers said we should also get her a Cardsies card! So of course, I was delighted to make my coworker a card.

Onesie Baby Shower Card

The design of the card is based largely on the onesies banner I made for a baby shower last month. Even the font is the same. The expectant mother told me that the baby would be a boy, but she was planning to keep the name of the baby a secret. So I was forced to go with the clichéd message “It’s a Boy!” It’s a good thing I knew at least the sex of the baby, or else I might have had to go with the vague message “It’s a Baby!”

Tiny clothespins at the top attach a short length of yarn to the card. The expectant mother could perhaps hang this card up in the baby’s nursery if she wanted to.

Onesies Card Back Pocket

On the back of the card is a flap which I attached at the bottom securely with glue. The top corners of the flap were attached with removable Glue Dots, which I also used to attach the gift card behind the flap. These removable Glue Dots keep them in place but make it easy to detach them. I used non-removable Glue Dots to attach buttons to the top of the flap.

I had my coworkers sign the card before it was finished, so at that point, the flap and the gift card hadn’t been glued onto the back, so the gag was a surprise for most of my coworkers. When I gave the card to my coworker, she read it and said it was very nice of us all to sign this card for her. Another coworker asked where the gift card was, and I asked if she had checked the back. There was laughter as she opened up the back of the card and found the gift card inside.

I think that gift cards (or money) can make great gifts, as they allow the recipient a lot of flexibility in how they use it. However, I’ve always felt it’s kinda tacky to just toss a gift card or cash into a card, as they can become the center of attention and distract the recipient from any sentiment written inside. Or they can fall out. So I love it when I can find a cute way to incorporate a gift card into the design of the greeting card like I did with the onesie card.


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