Butterfly Mobile


For the baby shower that Brandon blogged about a few posts ago, I also created a butterfly mobile to gift to the expectant mother. We saw this beautiful mobile on Pinterest and I wanted to re-create it.

Butterfly Mobile

So we set out to gather materials. We already had a great butterfly punch that we use quite often. We went to Jo-Ann for over an hour to find everything needed for the mobile. I got a metal ring that was about a foot in diameter, a white feathered boa to wrap around it, two types of paper (white iridescent cardstock, and white paper with gold and silver flakes) from which to punch out butterflies, and clear thread to hang the butterflies with.

Butterfly Placement DiagramI wanted a white halo on top, so I wrapped the feathered boa around the metal ring, and then tied the ends of the feathered boa together where they met. I then created a criss-cross of the clear thread across the halo from which to hang the butterflies. Please see the figure to the right. I tied string to each of the points as illustrated by the dots in the picture. The outer edges of the mobile had strings dropping down that were shorter than the inner-most string, which was longest, at about three feet in length.

I then punched out 60 butterflies from the iridescent paper, and 60 from the white paper with gold and silver flakes. I found that the paper with the gold and silver flakes tended to tear when I tried to punch butterflies out from it, but I found that by putting the iridescent cardstock on top, the butterfly punch was able to punch through both without any tears.

Butterfly Mobile Close-up

I then used glue dots to stick one iridescent butterfly and one gold-and-silver-speckled butterfly onto the string, and I put four of them on the string for the outermost, then five for the inner-most string. I also staggered them so that they wouldn’t overlap, and it looked like there was a large group of butterflies. What made this particularly unique was Brandon’s great idea to use clear thread, which made the halo and butterflies look like they were floating in mid-air, giving it a more magical touch.

Butterfly Mobile

We hung it as a centerpiece for the dining table at the baby shower, along with the animals on sticks and pinwheels. The guests liked the mobile a lot, and we gave it to the expectant mother as a gift.


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