Couple on Wedding Cake Card


My sister got married last year, so Andrew and I agreed to make her a card for her bridal shower. Our goal was to make an elegant, high-quality card for her. We decided that there’s nothing more iconic than a wedding cake.

Bridal Shower Cake Card

Andrew had recently bought stacks of fancy, handmade Indian-made paper. In this stack was a sheet which was perfect for the frosting of this card—it was shiny and white, and had a sort of waviness to it that made it look like a deliciously frosted cake. We used cloud-edged scissors to cut along the bottom of the frosting to give it a fun edge. The dots for the cake aren’t supposed to be anything in particular, but it they give it class.

We pasted the cake onto the sparkly yellow background and then stuck a sticker of a couple on the top of the cake. Using some corner cutters was the final touch to make this a beautiful card.


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