Flower Birthday Banner


After the success of the baby shower we decorated for last weekend, one of the party guests asked if we could do some decorating for her daughter’s birthday party. We unfortunately didn’t have as much time to devote to the birthday party decorations as we did the baby shower decorations, but at least we were able to make a cute banner.

Flower Birthday Banner

This banner is not unlike the onesie baby shower banner we made. It’s essentially the same, except with flowers instead of onesies. It even uses the same font. We used construction paper because I bought a huge stack of it at a garage sale. The flowers are held onto a string with tiny clothespins.

Flower Banner

We sure do use Andrew’s butterfly punch a lot. We used the butterfly between the words “HAPPY” and “BIRTHDAY” as a sort of space. At first, I got out the butterfly punch and thought I would glue little pink butterflies onto the edges a few flowers, but it wound up looking messy. I’m glad I was inspired to glue a red butterfly onto the space; otherwise, it would have been a blank flower, which would have been okay, but the butterfly is cute and matches the theme.

Die Cut Birthday Sign

We saved the extra letters cut out from the flowers so that the mother of the birthday girl could make another sign, if she wanted to. It takes a little while to cut out all of the pieces, but it makes for a very cute design that’s pretty easy to make.


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