Love Elephants


For Valentine’s Day, I decided to make Andrew a cute little card done in a similar style as the Fishy Love card he made me for our anniversary. Andrew seems to like elephants—he has a herd of a dozen hand-carved elephants from Africa—so I picked elephants for his card.

Love Elephants Card

Now, it’s not a completely original idea, as it’s been done many times before, but the elephants on this card are kissing, and their trunks are entwined to form the shape of a heart.

Andrew used fancy, elegant, handmade paper from India for his Fishy Love card, and I sought to use similarly fancy paper, but all I had was some cardstock in a stack called the Old World Stack, and I think it turned out pretty neat. I hope it makes the card seem a little less cartoony. Like the fish on the Fishy Love card, the elephants on this card have googly eyes, which adds a little more whimsy to the card, if not making it a little more cartoony…

Love Elephants Silhouette Sketch

Above is the first draft of the card I made in Silhouette Studio. I revised the trunks to be simply kissing instead of overlapping at the end. I showed my draft to my cousin, and he suggested I give them tails. But I was having trouble figuring out how to add tails to the elephants without making them look weird. So I wound up giving them little tails. My cousin still thought they were still too small on the final card, and he sent me several photos of elephants to show me how long their tails are, but I think it turned out cute.


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