Melty Crayons Card


Brandon always wanted to make people a card where there’s a cake or cupcake with the candles arranged like Roman numerals which represent their age. So I decided to make him one (without the cake—that would have taken too much crayon).

Brandon was turning 25, which is XXV in Roman numerals.

Melted Crayon Roman Numerals Front

So I decided to use a different medium than we’ve used before in cardmaking: crayons! Shaved, melted crayons! What I did was take a pair of scissors and shave crayons into a dish, much like how you would shave a carrot. I then used tweezers to place the shavings into the shapes of the Roman numerals on the card, using a stencil. Then, I placed the card into an oven and let it bake at a low temperature for a few minutes, watching it carefully so it wouldn’t catch fire.

The inside of the Roman numeral card.

I found out some crayons had lots of oil in them and bled through the paper, as evident in the picture above. Next time, I would test the crayons on scratch paper before doing it with a card. The card turned out okay; Brandon didn’t recognize the letters at first, thinking the V was a Y, and that’s when I realized I shouldn’t have put a giant clump of crayon shavings under it. I like that it’s festive and unique, and I would try it again with more colorful crayons.


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