“U and I” Valentine’s Card


When I was making Andrew a Valentine’s Day card last year, I thought back on the “No L” Christmas Card I had made for him less than two months before. I don’t remember how it happened, but I had a brilliant flash of an idea to use the same design but to make some changes to make it a Valentine’s Day card.

A Valentine's Day card with the alphabet on it. U and I are together in a heart in the center.

Like the “No L” card, this card is made up of woven strips of paper, with alphabet stickers on each of the squares. However, the letters U and I are pulled out of their regular positions in the alphabet and stuck onto a glittery, shimmery heart in the center.


The inside of the card makes the pun more explicit. “I love it when U and I are together.” It took a very long time for me to stick all of those stickers.


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