Wheel of Fortune Card


My cousin Kevin and I are both Wheel Watchers. So with his birthday coming up, I decided I would make him a birthday card which pays tribute to Wheel of Fortune. I drew up a sketch of what I had in mind, then I went at it.

Pat Sajak, Kevin, Stephanie, and I are contestants on the front of Kevin's birthday card.

First, I found photos of Pat Sajak, Vanna White, and Kevin. I then had pictures taken of my sister and myself. I took a sad one of myself because Kevin would be winning. I told Stephanie to look sad too, but she went immediately to downright devastated. To reflect her emotional picture, I wound up giving her a score of -$7,000, which is an impossibly terrible score to have.

I used Silhouette Studio’s print and cut feature to first print the people and then cut them out. I’ve been a little disappointed with this feature, as the vertical alignment is a little off, leaving slivers of white space on top of our heads. But overall, it’s still easier than cutting anything out by hand. (I did cut the wheel out by hand, though, because I didn’t want to worry about misalignment issues.)

The puzzle board pops up inside the card. The wheel spins a little when the card is opened.

The puzzle board pops up when the card is opened. I like the green paper I used, which is glittery and nicely resembles the old-fashioned pre-digital puzzle board spaces. Vanna is attached to the front of the puzzle board.

The real Wheel of Fortune set has more decoration than this. I could have added a frame to the puzzle board, and perhaps add a bit of a “structure” around the wheel, including a pointer or three, but I was feeling a bit sick and decided to nap instead.

The wheel is attached with a brad, which allows it to spin. It has a piece of dental floss taped to the underside. The other end is attached to the base of the card somewhere behind the puzzle board. When the card is opened, this floss becomes taut and it pulls the wheel, causing it to spin a few spaces. I think it’s a pretty nice effect. (The wheel has to be manually spun back when the card is closed to get it to work the next time.) I told Kevin he can disconnect the floss to get the wheel to spin freely, as was my original idea.

You can watch the video embedded above to see the wheel spin and the puzzle board pop up. I think this was a fun card to make, since I’ve been a fan of Wheel of Fortune practically my whole life. Kevin enjoyed the gimmicky pop-up puzzle board and spinning wheel. And I enjoyed incorporating photos of people on the card; this is something I may have to do more often, as there’s really nothing more personalized than that!


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