Sorry To See You “Leaf”!


With the knowledge that a coworker of mine would be leaving the company, I decided to make him a farewell card for everyone to sign. Well, actually, Andrew and I already had a small stack of extra Branches and Leaves cards, and I had the idea of giving my coworker this card, adding a terribly obvious pun: “We’re sorry to see you LEAF!”

A card with branches and leaves. A terrible pun for a departing coworker.

It was the end of November, so this was still an appropriate time to give this card. However, there was a catch with the Branches and Leaves cards we made: they didn’t open. I had a card with just a front and a back, with no inside. And I knew that this little card wouldn’t have enough room on the back for my coworkers to sign. So I had to innovate and push the theme a little bit further. People signed leaves.

That’s right. I used my die-cutter to cut out dozens of leaves from construction paper. I cut out twice as many as we’d need so that my coworkers could choose the leaves they liked the most.

A red envelope with a Velcro fastener.

Then, I made a dark red envelope for those leaves to be tucked into, and gave it a nice sturdy flap with a Velcro fastener. I cropped the original card a bit and glued it onto the front of the envelope, making the card itself into an envelope. (I tucked this itself into another envelope when presenting it, so it wound up being an envelope inside an envelope.)

When my coworker opened the envelope, and then opened up the card, leaves fell out of the card and onto the table. He was very amused.

A card with leaves spilling out of it

I enjoyed re-purposing a card into such a fun new design like this. It was fun to have a pile of leaves with people’s farewell wishes on them. I think this is the coolest, most innovative card I’ve designed yet, certainly the one I’m most proud of.


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