Felt Beard Santa Claus Card


During our first Christmas together, Andrew and I enjoyed the fun we had making our Christmas Tree with Buttons card. So during our second Christmas together, we decided that we should put Santa Claus himself on the annual Christmas card.

Santa Claus with felt beard and hat, and googly eyes.

We strove to make Santa’s design a bit abstract because we knew we couldn’t get away with making him look realistic. This meant making Santa’s face mostly beard. I wanted to make the beard and hat out of cardstock, but Andrew really wanted to use felt. We actually wound up using sheets of white fleece because the felt was thin and allowed too much color to come through—the fleece was bright white by contrast. Felt is very difficult to work with. It is difficult to trace our patterns onto it, and it stubbornly refuses to be cut. I think felt is visually less interesting than textured cardstock, but at least it is fun to feel.

For the cards we handed in person, Santa’s hat had fluffy cotton pompoms on the end. But we figured that these wouldn’t mail well, so we replaced them with simple flat circles of white fleece. It still looked pretty good.

We gave Santa googly eyes. This gave the card a very whimsical look; it was very funny to see Santa Claus looking every which way every time I moved the card. But let me give you a warning: if you are going to mail cards with googly eyes, be sure to use something stronger than Elmer’s multi-purpose glue to hold them on. I went to my cousin’s apartment some time after she received our card, and I saw Santa Claus on the front of it, only he had no eyes! Just little circles of dried glue where they should have been! Perhaps the mail sorting machines popped off Santa’s eyes! In retrospect, this is hilarious.

These are all of the Santa Claus cards we made for Christmas.

We ended up making forty-two of these cards. There was little variation between them, because we used the same template for all of them. However, due to minor differences in how we traced them, cut them, or glued them together, each Santa had a slightly different personality. I am pleased with how these cards turned out.


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