Why Giraffes Have Long Necks


Giraffes have long necks not to reach trees, as is the common belief, but rather to eat very tall ice cream cones. The inspiration for this card comes from when I was teaching at a student’s house, and her grandmother made homemade cards. She gave her granddaughter a card with as many ice cream scoops as her age. I thought it was really cute.

A card of a giraffe eating a tall stack of ice cream

I wanted to re-create it, but in an over-the-top fashion. So I said to myself, what kind of creature would be able to eat such a tall stack of ice cream? It became very apparent that this is the reason why giraffes have long necks. Darwin would be proud.

A tall stack of ice cream scoops on a cone

The ice cream is made of all these different scrap papers that Brandon has in his scrap paper bin. Initially, I was planning to use up all his new, good papers, but he discouraged me from doing so because it would make such a good use of all his scraps.


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