Christmas Tree with Buttons Card


Andrew and I have been busy lately. Not only have we been celebrating Thanksgiving and doing lots of shopping the past weekend, but we’ve been hard at work on our Christmas cards, which we are creating in bulk. We’re making about 48 Christmas cards. I will post about the cards we’ve been making in a few weeks, after they’re all sent out. In the meantime, now is a good time to write about the Christmas card we designed two years ago, during our first Christmas together.

A Christmas tree card with buttons as ornaments.

We had been dating only about three months when we made our first Christmas cards together. We first went to Jo-Ann and bought several colors of sparkly green cardstock; we didn’t know what color might look best, and we were going to try out different possibilities. We also bought buttons and found these cute little stars, which are slightly padded. The packages included gold and silver stars. I would have preferred to have only gold stars, but the silver came with them. Then we went to my house and crafted prototype cards until we found a design we liked.

With our official design in mind, we returned to Jo-Ann and bought lots and lots of cardstock—enough paper to make all the cards we needed. We had picked a favorite cardstock color for the tree, but the store ran out of those, so we also bought some of our second-favorite color. The cashiers unfortunately have to ring up each sheet of cardstock one-by-one. Then we created a template from our prototype card and traced the shapes onto the backs of the cardstock. Then we cut these all out and glued them onto the cards.

I unfortunately don’t have the pictures to illustrate this, but one of my favorite things about these cards was that each was somewhat unique. Some cards had trees one shade of green, and some had a different shade of green. (Since we also made prototypes using different colors, and because we didn’t want to waste the paper, there were a few more cards with different shades of green as well.) Some trees had gold stars, others silver. And the colors and arrangements of the buttons were unique on each card too.

We probably made about 30 of these cards, and each one was different in some way. The recipients of these cards probably didn’t realize that their cards were slightly different than other recipients’ cards, but it was fun to have some variety in the cards we were making. It made it seem less like we were producing the same card over and over. I feel like the cards we made last year (our Felt Beard Santa Claus Cards) lacked this variety; they all looked essentially the same. But the cards we’re making this year each have a bit of a unique feel to them. Achieving this level of variety is something I look forward to with future years’ Christmas cards.


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