Pop-Up Pianos


Andrew is a pianist and piano teacher, so I was looking on Pinterest for card designs involving pianos. I saw a design of a pop-up card of a piano keyboard and decided I should give something like this a try!

Making pop-up cards isn’t terribly complicated. It’s all in the art of the parallelogram. You glue two edges of the parallelogram to the inside of the card, into the corner. The parallelogram will lay flat when you close the card, and it’ll pop up when you open it.

I made Andrew a card which pops up a piano keyboard when he opens it. The outside says “Just a quick note” and the inside says “I love you.”

All the 3-D effects were made on the black sheet of paper, and then white paper was put on top of it, with lines printed in the right places, to make for the white keys. It turned out great! Only, it used quite a bit too much paper: A full sheet for the brown paper on the outside (I wish I’d chosen a more attractive color for it), a full sheet for the black paper on the inside, and another third sheet or so for the white paper on top. But this was simply my prototype.

I wanted to make a set of these piano cards for Andrew to give to his students! They didn’t say “I love you,” but they instead were invitations for them to play at a recital! I also made them half the size (since an 8.5″ × 5.5″ card—half a full sheet—is untraditionally large for a card).

I tried to make the cards using as little paper as possible. This resulted in the two pieces as seen below, which form the card when pieced together and glued into the base paper.

I was able to get two white pieces and four black pieces from each respectively colored sheet of paper. Glued together onto a folded half sheet of paper, they make this piano!

When Andrew is ready to have his recital, he will write down the information onto some print paper with a faint piano music pattern on the background and attach it above the piano.


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