Baseball Swing Cards


This summer, we had a birthday party for two of my aunts. They are both baseball fans, so my mom gathered some baseball-themed presents for them, and she asked me to make them baseball-themed cards.

It was pretty late, so I wanted to make them quickly. I went onto the Silhouette Online Store and looked for baseball greeting cards, but I didn’t really care much for the options I saw. Then, I found this cool swing card and decided to put a baseball on it.

For the stitches, I found some baseball clip art online and used Silhouette’s tracing feature to cut it out from red paper.

I realized something really cool about this card: anything you write on the front of the card will continue to be visible when the card is unfolded. So we wrote our aunts’ names in the top-left corner of the card, and then the rest of the message inside the card, behind the baseball. The message inside isn’t seen until the card is opened.


It was a fun card, and was pretty quick to make.


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