Fishy Love


It was Brandon’s and my anniversary this past September. I combed Pinterest for ideas on what kind of card to make him. I finally found two adorable fishies kissing each other.

I was looking through all the paper I have and I found paper that looked like it had bubbles, and I thought, this is fantastic for the water! Then, I decided I wanted the fishes to have scales, so I searched for paper that contrasted each other and the background, that had scale patterns, and settled on orange and yellow. The paper I used was handmade in India. I like handcrafted things.

Cutting the hearts was probably the hardest part, since I don’t have a heart punch. I added googly eyes because I know Brandon loves them.

If I could make it over again, I would not use liquid glue, because it made the paper curl. I would probably also stamp the bubbles using sparkly paint. I didn’t like the criss-cross pattern that was on the paper I used for the background. Furthermore, I would have tried to cut the paper in a way that the existing patterns on the paper would express the outlines of fish. For instance, I would have preferred that the yellow paper have the eye centered right in the middle of the square pattern on the paper. As it is, it’s offset. Also, I forgot the pectoral fins.

Also, I wouldn’t have waited until the last minute, hiding in my room while Brandon stood outside as I finished the card. In fact, I actually started it only after he rang the doorbell.


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